ideas well travelled

Take your brand on a journey.

Llupa will be there from the beginning to partner with you to develop strategy and drive content development with the personalised consistency and seamlessness needed to implement and launch a successful campaign.

Llupa Ltd Medical Copywriting


ideas well travelled

Success is different for every client

Llupa individualises its approach to strategy and content development to create a solution that you want.


strategy that
drives differentiation
and generates
growth for your


Rooted in
the deep
of science


creative that

Llupa focuses on health and science – from small biotech to multinational pharmaceutical companies. We know that science should be accessible for everyone and communicated in such a way that it leaves an impact on the target audience. Whether you are looking for someone to partner with you for the duration of your campaign, or during strategy or content development, Llupa is able to accommodate your needs.

For Agencies

If you are looking for a dedicated individual to embed within your agency to own a brand and take it to the next level.

For Industry

If you are looking for a partner to help develop and drive strategy as well as new content through your campaign.



Consumer, hcp, and
rep materials

Core materials

Editorial service

Med ed materials

Reference packs

Websites and digital content

White papers

Client workshops

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Therapeutic Areas

Cardiology / Dermatology / Emergency Medicine
HIV/Virology / Oncology / Orthopedics / Rehabilitation
Rheumatology / Transplant / Urology

Due to the confidentiality and sensitivity of the materials produced, there is a limited portfolio available to view.
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